Vision and Mission

Our Vision:

An innovative, results-oriented organization recognized for service and workforce excellence.

Our Mission:

The Office of the Administrative Assistant provides executive-level administrative support to the Secretary of the Army and senior Army leaders. OAA manages resources for Headquarters, Department of the Army; provides information technology services to the greater Pentagon community; and manages the Army’s publishing, records management, and historical and heraldry programs. OAA also provides visual information services, security, safety and other support services to a diverse customer base.


We are firm in our allegiances to each other, our organization, our mission, and our country.


We fulfill our personal and professional obligations.


We treat others as we expect to be treated, and in so doing establish mutual trust.

Selfless Service

We act for the greater good by putting our organization and customers ahead of our professional interests.

Honor and Integrity

We do what is right, legally and morally.

Personal Courage

We demonstrate the courage of our convictions and accept personal accountability.

A Message from the Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army

OAA plays a critical role in executing the Army's mission by providing a wide variety of support and services to a diverse Joint, Department of Defense (DoD), and national customer base. As the Army adapts to a new era of emerging threats, political and economic realities have created a complex operating environment of shrinking budgets, shrinking end strength, and evolving national military strategy. Within that environment, OAA must remain committed to executing its diverse missions while also purposefully and methodically evaluating its policies, processes, and procedures to find efficiencies, reduce redundancies, and eliminate outdated programs.

To ensure our continued success, I am issuing an FY 15 Annual Plan. This document outlines our guiding principles of innovation, adaptability, accountability, and customer focus. It establishes near-term goals to transition our organization to more closely align with our vision: "an innovative, results-oriented organization recognized for service and workforce excellence."

Gerald B. O'Keefe
Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army

"Service and Workforce Excellence"