Vision and Mission

Our Vision:

An innovative, results-oriented organization recognized for service and workforce excellence.

Our Mission:

The Office of the Administrative Assistant provides executive-level administrative support to the Secretary of the Army and senior Army leaders. OAA manages resources for Headquarters, Department of the Army; and manages the Army’s publishing, records management, and historical and heraldry programs. OAA also provides visual information services, security, safety and other support services to a diverse customer base.


We are firm in our allegiances to each other, our organization, our mission, and our country.


We fulfill our personal and professional obligations.


We treat others as we expect to be treated, and in so doing establish mutual trust.

Selfless Service

We act for the greater good by putting our organization and customers ahead of our professional interests.

Honor and Integrity

We do what is right, legally and morally.

Personal Courage

We demonstrate the courage of our convictions and accept personal accountability.

A Message from the Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army

Looking forward to FY16, the Army Headquarters is facing a host of challenges as we operate with reduced resources in a more uncertain world. This has been the case for several years now, but with the recently completed Comprehensive Review and its reorganization of the Headquarters, we will all in some way be asked to change how we do things. This will require us to prioritize missions and functions, reduce services, and change processes. Unrelated to the Comprehensive Review, another challenge will be the phased transition of the Information Technology Agency to the Joint Service Provider under the Department of Defense.

Your leadership and I will do everything within our power to manage the changes effectively and transparently. In turn, I ask the entire OAA workforce to approach this year with patience, flexibility, and a spirit of teamwork.

It's critical as we navigate this reorganization that we balance the needs of our own workforce with those of our customers. Out of necessity, OAA is an ever-evolving organization that must have the ability to rapidly assess, react and provide to our customers the support necessary to accomplish their missions. This annual plan will force us to evaluate and improve our performance and customer support by establishing, measuring, and achieving challenging goals.

Gerald B. O'Keefe
Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army

"Service and Workforce Excellence"