U.S. Army Headquarters Services - Valued Service

Records Management and Declassification Agency

The Records Management and Declassification Agency (RMDA) represents the Army to the National Archives and Records Administration to ensure statutory requirements established by Congress are complied with during the collection, preservation and declassification of the Army’s official records. RMDA researches records related to Agent Orange and post-traumatic stress disorder for DoD. RMDA also oversees the Army’s Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act programs.

Pentagon Chaplain

Pentagon Chaplain provides religious services, rites, sacraments, religious education, programs, and leadership for the faith practices of the Pentagon workforce. They celebrate the following major religious events: Ramadan, National Day of Prayer, National Prayer Breakfast, Sumkomvet, and Hanukkah. The Chaplain provides ceremonial support in the form of invocations, benedictions, memorial services, funerals, prayer breakfasts, and other spiritual fitness programs. Additionally, pastoral care counseling support and family life capabilities are provided upon request to all military, civilian, and Department of Defense personnel working in the Pentagon.

Army Multimedia and Visual Information Directorate

The Army Multimedia and Visual Information Directorate (AMVID) supports the Army and DoD with the following Visual Information (VI) Services: official photography, digital photography services, studio and field television production, video technical services such as duplication, format conversion and editing, graphics presentation design and consulting, exhibit and display services, audiovisual presentation support and consulting, live events management and planning, Pentagon auditorium operation, imagery accessioning, archiving, and research services, Army pictorial collection management, joint commercial production contracting, acquisition and project management, visual documentation of significant military events in the NCR, and visual documentation of national interest events as directed by the President.

Army Publishing Directorate

The Army Publishing Directorate (APD) serves as the Army’s central publications/forms management organization, publishes administrative publications, manages forms, and distributes information and multimedia products worldwide.

Directorate of Mission Assurance

Directorate of Mission Assurance (DMA) ensures integration and synchronization of 15 Protection, Security, and Safety programs to assure the operational resilience of Headquarters, Department of the Army (HQDA) in the National Capital Region. Additionally, the directorate operates the Central United States Registry, charged with ensuring compliance, accountability, safeguarding, and protection of North Atlantic Treaty Organization classified information maintained at United States Government sub-registries throughout the world. The directorate also carries out the Command Security Manager function, providing personnel, communications, and information security program management, as well as HQDA locksmith services and parking management.

Support Services–Washington

Support Services-Washington (SS-W) operates the Army Executive Dining Facility and the Pentagon Athletic Center, with annexes in Crystal City and the Mark Center which is available to all military services and DoD Civilians. In addition, the Armed Forces Hostess Association delivers information and informative welcome packets for military and DoD civilian families new to the Washington, DC, area.


The Directorate of Executive Travel (DET) provides executive air, ground, and travel policy services to the White House and Congress (when on official DoD business), Office of the Secretary of Defense, Joint Staff, Combatant Commanders, senior leaders of Army and Air Force Headquarters and distinguished foreign and domestic visitors to the NCR. DET authors and implements Secretariat-level policies and acts as the trusted advisor to the Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army on all executive travel matters. DET also provides passport and visa services for DoD personnel worldwide.

Real Estate and Facilities–Army

Real Estate and Facilities–Army (REF-A) Directorate plans, manages, and administers a comprehensive real estate and facilities program for personnel at more than 30 locations. Space planning activities incorporate approximately 3 million square feet in the NCR for leased space. Specific services include space planning and management, lease administration, furniture acquisition, architectural and engineering services, renovation and modernization project planning, and management and building maintenance. REF-A also provides executive services to the Office of the Secretary of the Army and the Office of the Chief of Staff of the Army, and correspondence processing and mail delivery within the Secretariat and the Army staff.