OAA Job Openings

Eligibility for job openings varies by position. Some positions may be open to U.S. citizens or may be restricted to current federal government employees.

Check each job opening Who May Be Considered and Who May Apply categories to determine your eligibility.

Employment Vacancies
AnnouncementPositionPay Schedule / Series / GradeAnnual SalaryLocationClosing Date
NCHT170011031980364DMuseum SpecialistGS-11$63,091 to $82,019Fort Belvoir, VA07/21/2017
NCHT178037321984988Supervisory Museum CuratorGS-14$112,021 to $145,629Fort Belvoir, VA07/21/2017
NCHT171022051986240Equal Employment SpecialistGS-12$79,720 to $103,639Fort Belvoir, VA07/21/2017
NCHT171499101986487Motor Vehicle Operator (BUS)WG 08$24.24 to $28.18Fort Belvoir, VA07/24/2017
NCHT170636911973007Technical Writer-EditorGS 09 - 12$54,972 to $103,639Fort McNair, DC07/24/2017
NCHT178037361985511Lead Museum Collection SpecialistGS 13$94,796 to $123,234Fort Belvoir, VA07/24/2017
NCHT171499101986900DMotor Vehicle Operator (BUS)WG 08$24.24 to $28.18Fort Belvoir, VA07/26/2017
NCHT171499601987620Program Support Specialist GS 12$79,720 to $103,639Fort Belvoir, VA07/21/2017
NCHT171568231986967Operations SpecialistGS 09$54,972 to $71,467Fort Belvoir, VA07/28/2017
NCHT178037361985511Lead Museum Collection Specialist GS 13$94,796 to $123,234Fort Belvoir, VA07/28/2017
NCHT177129471972140Museum CuratorGS 13$94,796 to $123,234Fort Belvoir, VA07/31/2017

How to Apply

The U.S. Army has employed civilians since 1776 in support of men and women in uniform. The Department of Defense is America's oldest, largest, busiest and most successful "company". Today, with over 25,000 civilian employees, the Army is the Department of Defense's largest Federal employer. For more information, visit the Civilian Personnel On-Line (CPOL) website, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management website or USAJobs website.

Equal Employment Opportunity

The Department of the Army strives to ensure equal opportunity in all aspects of employment for Army civilian employees and applicants for employment. Equal employment opportunity policies for minorities, women, and handicapped individuals are implemented by aggressive affirmative action programs that are designed to meet locally established goals and objectives. Employment policies and practices in the Department of the Army are free from unlawful discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, or handicap. The basic principle of equal employment opportunity underlies all aspects of the civilian personnel management program in the Army.